Privacy Policy

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 2nd, 2022
  1. Privacy Overview

Thank you for visiting our website for OnPoint Athletics. While you browse our site, we are committed to providing you a safe website and shopping experience. This commitment includes using personal information to fulfill those goals and respecting, protecting the privacy of all personal information used.

  1. Information Collected

2.1 Credit/Debit Card/Online Payment Information: For online purchases we require online payment. You may be required to fill out personal information for these payments. We collect your name, addresses, email addresses, phone number, and other information needed to access online payments.
2.2 Information From Third-Party Sources: OnPoint Athletics collects information from purchases related to our organization. You may receive information from third- parties such as other applications, social media sites, email or promotional items.
2.3 Accounts/Profiles: We collect any personal information where you may be required to create a profile/account. Along with this information we may collect your name, addresses, phone numbers, profile/account information, and other information connected to online accounts affiliated with OnPoint Athletics. 

  1. How We Collect Your Information

Information is collected in a variety of ways:

3.1 Information you provide us with while signing up for any OnPoint Athletics events (programs, leagues, tournaments or camps) or online shopping.
3.2 Information we collect while you are interacting with us through our website, mobile or other apps and products and services.
3.3 Information we collect from you through third-party apps, such as credit card information and data. This information may include information collected through cookies as well. 
3.4 Information we have created and analyze to collect about you such as your shopping preferences on our website and social media apps.

  1. Image and Video 

4.1 OnPoint Athletics share images and videos throughout our website. All images and video are copyright. These images and videos cannot be used without legal permission from OnPoint Athletics. 

  1. Third-Party Payment Security

There are third-party payment services available to you such as Stripe. If you wish to use this service or others on our website your personal information will be collected by such third party service providers and also be subject to the third party’s privacy policy. We do not sell any personal information to third-party platforms. We have no control over and are not responsible for third party’s collection, use and disclosure of your personal information. 

  1. Information Security

We will do our best to provide you with a safe and secure environment while online shopping or any purchases exchanged with OnPoint Athletics. We have security measures in place to help protect you and any personal information to help protect you. We will continue to do our best to keep a safe and convenient experience for you.

  1. Information Retention

We will retain any personal information as long as needed to fully provide our services to you (for example, if you have created an account within our organization). We will keep this information as long as needed to provide the services to fulfill our own commitment, such as preventing fraud, resolving disputes, maintaining security, unique to each case, as consistent with applicable law. 

  1. Sensitive Information

Unless we request, please do not disclose certain details of personal information if not necessary. This includes any sensitive personal information such as (social security numbers, criminal background, information related to racial or ethnic origin, political view/opinions, religion or other beliefs or genetic characteristics). Please do not disclose this information on or throughout our services.

  1. Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We will continue to post our privacy policy, all updates and changes. If a policy changes we will post updates to our privacy policy and on our website. If there are any additional notices required we will also provide updates. 

 Questions about the privacy policy?
Please visit our Contact Page or email us. To submit a request to delete personal information please contact us at

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