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OnPoint Beach Volleyball partners with local clubs to offer weekend and week-long camps. OPBV also host Youth Tournaments, Adult Tournaments, Adult Leagues and Small Group Lessons.

  • Joel Rudd

    During my 6 years with Coach Darren I have grown not only as an athlete, but as a man. The skills that he taught me from a young age created a strong base on which I could develop as an athlete and a volleyball player, while his tactical knowledge helped me to think about the game in a deeper way. His understanding and confidence in my ability would help me improve no matter what, and were a significant help in getting through tough years of injury. His positive and intense demeanor always creates a competitive atmosphere, while his passion for the sport is contagious. Without Coach Darren, I wouldn't have the same passion that has brought me success in high performance environments. Through thoughts of the day, he inspired me to focus on becoming not just a great volleyball player, but also a great man. His focus has always been for his athletes to improve both as a person and as a volleyball player. And despite the successes in sport that he has helped me achieve, the most important thing that I have gained from years of knowing Darren is the inspiration to be the best man that I can be, regardless of my success in sport."

    2x Youth National Team 2014 & 2015 | Starting Leftside for Queen's University 2016/17 | OUA All-Rookie Team selection 2016/17

  • Kelsey Veltman

    I was lucky enough to have Darren as my coach in the early stages of my beach career, not only have I learned a lot from him technically, but also mentally. He has helped me with many aspects of my beach game that could also be transferred to my indoor game, helping me become an all round better athlete.

    2016 Adult National Champ | NORCECA Athlete (NorthBay and Puerto Rico) | U21 Worlds Participant | 3X OUA West Player of the Year | 3X All-Canadian

  • Tomas Sorra

    I had the privilege of being under the guidance of Darren O'Neil over the past three years through the Ontario provincial beach volleyball team. Darren was also one of my coaches at the U19 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships this past July in Cyprus. His insightful eye and meticulous attention to detail makes him a very effective coach and trainer. His perspective, both as a coach and athlete has provided me with a great variety of tools for tremendous success in this sport. Hence my partner and I have recently qualified as Canada 1 for the U21 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships in China. I thank Darren for all his past and continued support.

    2013 14u beach volleyball Canadian National silver medalist  | 2014 15u beach volleyball Canadian National champion | 2014 Ontario Summer Games (beach volleyball) silver medalist | 2014 Ontario Winter Games (indoor volleyball) gold medalist | 2016 18u beach volleyball Canadian National bronze medalist | 2016 U19 FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships athlete | Team Ontario beach volleyball athlete from 2014-2015-2016 |

  • Lukas Kaufman

    Over the 4 years of playing for Darren O’Neil my love for the game of volleyball has grown to bring me to where I am today. And his love for the game is just as strong as it was when he told my 14u team that we were good enough to compete with anyone. His message never changed over my career as an OVA competitor. I used to think he was crazy, being an undersized team from the Kitchener Waterloo area. But as I got older I realized that he put his belief in every one of my teammates, including myself, that we could do anything we put our mind to, and not just in the sport of volleyball. His message to us was that he not only wanted to make us good volleyball players, but good men, and I believe that by example, he has led us all to reach that goal of his. Whether it was missing practice to study for an exam, or wanting to change positions (more than once), Darren always had my back and helped me as much as he could. Darren is truly a great coach, and he has helped me become the volleyball player, and man that I am today.

    18u tier 2 gold at Nationals 2016 | Starting libero for Queen’s University 2016/17 | OUA All-Rookie Team selection 2016/17 |

  • That first summer, I remember saying "our daughter will play beach volleyball to keep her skills up for indoor". How wrong I was! It was only a brief matter of time before I was saying "beach volleyball catapulted our daughter's skill to new levels" But how? League play. Skill development. Participation in weekend OVA and satellite tournaments. AND another essential Darren O'Neil! It was an honour for our daughter to receive coaching from Darren who is a highly skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated individual. Above all else, Darren emphasized several important messages that remain with us today "I want to see you smiling and having fun just as you were during warm up" "when conditions seem to be against you--remember that they are the same conditions faced by everyone on the court" and "each point...individually--one at a time". Thanks Coach Darren O'Neil!

    Kathy (parent of competitive Beach Volleyball player)

  • As a parent of a young daughter who loves volleyball I was so happy to find a coach such as coach Darren. He has coached my daughter for the last 3 years and it's because of his attention to detail and caring ways, that my daughter has developed into a well rounded beach player. Coach Darren would come to the girls tournaments and have conversations before, during and after the matches. I would highly recommend coach Darren as a beach volleyball coach.

    Crystal (mother of 15U beach volleyball athlete)

New to the game of volleyball, but would love to experience a great sport while meeting new friends, learning fundamental movements and competing in gameplay?


Training to keep your indoor skills sharp and are excited to serve smarter, pass better, set smoother, hit harder and jump higher next season?


Training to compete in the OVA beach tour and are wanting to improve your game through drills and matchplay while learning new strategies to earn the edge over your competition?

OnPoint Beach Volleyball camps have the training stream to fit your needs:

OPBV Camp Training Streams:

High Performance:

14u-17u – Elite training and tournament preparation for OVA club athletes training to compete in the OVA Beach Tour, Provincials and/or Nationals.
Features: Strength and conditioning, yoga, nutrition and mental performance workshops. Training is focused on optimizing gameplay strategies and scoring opportunities. 


12u-14u & 15U-17u – Training for indoor club athletes or high school aged students looking to keep their skills sharp for the upcoming season. Athletes are organized by age and ability to ensure training occurs with similar talent levels.
Features: 2 on 2 skill work, drills and gameplay. With only 2 people per team, players will receive more passing, setting, hitting and serving reps. Training in the sand naturally increases vertical, speed and agility.


Gr. 7/8 – Skills, Drills and Gameplay for those seeking to learn the foundation of the sport.
Features: A ton of volleyball played on teams of 4s, 3s and 2s focusing on technical aspects of beach and indoor volleyball. Extra off court activities are included to give physical and mental breaks throughout the day.  

Spikes & Sports on the Beach:

gr. 4/5/6 – Teaching the FUNdamentals of Beach Volleyball within a multi-sport beach camp.
Features: Quality beach volleyball instruction along with other sand sports such as sand soccer, sand basketball and ultimate frisbee. Focus is on learning and developing physical movements patterns (physical literacy) that are transferable from sport to sport. 

6 on 6 Indoor on the Beach:

gr. 7/8 & gr. 9-11 – Indoor concepts and skills taught on the beach to prepare for school and club tryouts.
Features: At the summer’s end, it is time to change gears. The last two weeks of summer camps switch to Indoor 6 on 6 training and concepts. Play on the sand for a week and return to the indoor court jumping higher, moving quicker and trying out with confidence!

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