OPBV's Weekly Training offers lessons for anyone looking to elevate their volleyball game. Beach volleyball is played in teams of 2s which allows way more touches per point, set and match. The growth of athletes on the beach is multiplied not only by the increase of touches, but also by the physicality it takes to play in the sand. Athletes naturally begin to jump higher, move quicker and anticipate sooner. In this program, each session will offer professional coaches leading athletes through 45 minutes of "Skills and Drills" followed by 45 minutes of guided gameplay. At first, 2 on 2 might seem overwhelming, but throughout the first couple of sessions athletes will learn strategy and develop skills to simplify the game and shrink the court.

Leamington's Weekly Training Group

Program Options:

  1. Mondays Only – June 15th-Aug 24th (10 sessions – no sessions on Aug 3rd) – 6:30pm-8pm
  2. Wednesdays Only – June 17th-Aug 26th (10 sessions – no session on July 1st) – 6:30pm-8pm
  3. Mondays and Wednesdays – June 15th-Aug 26th (20 sessions) – 6:30pm-8pm

Cost: 1 day per week – $225+hst; 2 days per week – $350+hst

Location: Seacliff Beach (Leamington)


  1. Grade 9-11
  2. Grade 7/8