Modified Weekly Training Programs Opened in Windsor and Leamington. All other programs and locations remain closed at this time.

There was an extensive amount of thought put into providing a program this summer. I have been going back and forth weighing the Pros and Cons. The biggest Pro has always been that it would be great to offer a program to our youth that provides a safe place for them to get physical exercise playing a sport that they love, while also benefiting mentally, emotionally and socially. The biggest Con is that I cannot (nor can anyone) guarantee 100% safety from this virus. Both of these remain the same. However, after a lot of thinking and researching best practices and safest activities (or lower risk activities), I am confident that OPBV can provide a program that follows all of the Public Health Protocols to create one of the safer environments for youth. Health professionals state that outdoor activities with social distancing are safer (lower risk) activities. 

Our Leamington and Windsor Weekly Training Programs have been modified to ensure that we are taking all of the mandated safety precautions. If you are interested in knowing more about these programs, please send me an email at

Thank you,

Darren O’Neil
OnPoint Beach Volleyball